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Miners Call For Mobile Vaccinations At Mining Sites

THE Zimbabwe Diamond and Allied Minerals Workers Union (ZDAMWU) has called on government to establish mobile vaccination sites at mines so that workers will not lose productive time in vaccination queues.

In an interview, Zdamwu General Secretary Justice Chinhema said workers are losing productive time in queues waiting to be vaccinated.

Some mines are now demanding that workers must be fully vaccinated before they report for duty.

“Zdamwu is pro vaccination and we are encouraging workers to get vaccinated. Further instead of forcing workers , the mines must prioritize awareness campaigns . People are receiving a lot of fake news through social media and it is our request that mines work with us in educating workers. Instead of putting those restrictions which are meant to force workers , we must work towards awareness to workers, their families as well as communities,” Chinhema said.

He said mines must make arrangements with government to bring mobile vaccination sites.

“We are also urging the mines to make arrangements with the ministry of health to bring the vaccination at the mines rather than workers spending time looking for vaccination centers, Mine workers are losing productive time in vaccination queues. We are therefore, calling for mobile vaccination to be introduced in mining sites. Mining is a critical economic sector and there mustn’t be any disruptions to production,” he said.

Government has since said all its workers must be vaccinated. New Zimbabwe

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