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Angola President Lourenço Inaugurates Saurimo Diamond Development Hub

In the presence of the representatives of several diamond producing, trading and manufacturing hubs, including Belgian Ambassador Jozef Smets, Angolan President Lourenço last week officially opened the Saurimo Diamond Development hub, aimed at reinforcing development and employment in Angola’s diamond-rich Lunda Sul province.

The large Diamond Hub site already hosts three diamond manufacturing plants and will be completed with other diamond related services and training centers, a diamond bourse – the Angolan Diamond Exchange – as well as banks, restaurants, shops, convention centers and residential areas.

Earlier this year, in May, the Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) visited the Saurimo development site during a two-day visit to Angola, bringing the CEO’s of 20 Antwerp diamond companies to reconnect with Angolan diamond industry stakeholders, in collaboration with the Ministry of Minerals and Petroleum (MIREMPET).


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