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New mining technology to reduce CAPEX, OPEX for Arcadia lithium project

By Business Reporter – Tuesday 5 March 2019

HARARE (Mining Index) – PROSPECT Resource’s value engineering program which seeks to incorporate the High Pressure Grinding Roll (HPGR) technology in the plant’s processing design is expected to yield positive results on the project economics.

HPGR is a mature technology proven to reduce capital and operating costs in full scale plants when compared to conventional mills and crushers.

Adoption of HPGR is expected to reduce both Arcadia’s capital expenditure (CAPEX) and operating expenditure (OPEX).

“The advantages of HPGR technology are considerable, providing a significant reduction in complexity and operational resource demand. Including HPGR in the plant’s processing design will have a positive impact on the project economics, both with capital and operating costs,” revealed Prospects Resources Managing Director, Sam Hosack.

Prospect Resources has projected a reduction in CAPEX by US$2.3million, 1.4 percent to US$163million while OPEX is expected to decrease by US$7/t or 2.46percent, approximately US$3.2million per annum to US$278/t.

“The Company is currently undertaking additional value engineering initiatives including a review into the Project’s logistics. We are focussing our efforts on identifying further cost reductions and operating improvements in order to strengthen the Arcadia Lithium Project’s economics,” he said.

Value engineering undertaken successfully demonstrates that the Arcadia Lithium Project will be able to utilise HPGR technology in its processing design which is expected to simplify Arcadia’s processing design replacing tertiary and quaternary crushers.

“The on-going and focussed value engineering initiatives have delivered positive outcomes and have demonstrated that High Pressure Grinding Roll (HPGR) technology can be utilised in the Arcadia Lithium Project’s processing plant,” said Hosack.

Metallurgical analysis of the HPGR test work results also confirms there are no negative metallurgical impacts with regards to recovery.

The announcement of the new HPGR technology comes after government granted the Arcadia lithium project a 10 year Special Economic Zone (SEZ) status whose licence is open for renewal and extension prior to expiry. ENDS//

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