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Vuti Quarries, the biggest, black-owned quarry mine in Zimbabwe

By Business Reporter – Sunday 26 July 2020

ONE of the leading quarry mines in Zimbabwe, Kromount Technologies (Pvt) Limited, trading as Vuti Quarries says it has gone full circle in the production of aggregate stones of all sizes.

Incorporated in 2017, Vuti produces various types of aggregates for the construction industry, with a supply chain stretching beyond boarders.

Owned by two brothers, Jackson and Jack Makate, Vuti is producing quarry for both domestic consumption and export, with the Harare-Chirundu highway being one of their major quarry supply projects.

Jackson Makate – Vuti Quarries Director
Jack Makate – Vuti Quarries Director

“At the moment, we are supplying quarry to the Japanese who are doing improvement on the Harare-Chirundu highway,” said Jackson Makate.

Vuti has managed to conquer the quarry industry, which had previously been dominated by white-owned mining companies.

“In terms of the quarry mine, we can say we are probably the largest, black owned quarry mine compared to the white owned. In Zimbabwe’s quarry mine industry, there is serious white supremacy, but anyhow, we are doing very well,” said Makate.

Vuti is located in Makuti, giving it easier access to the Zambian market. “Kariba Town, Karoi and Zambia get quarry from us. Remember Lusaka is closer to Makuti than Harare,” he said.

Vuti produces aggregate stones, quarry and quarry dust suitable for the construction industry especially for roads, bridges, houses and commercial structures.

“We do aggregates of all sizes. Each and every size is available from 2mm to 40mm,” he said.

Vuti is now diversifying into cutting and polishing of granite, which is readily available on the 150 hectare block. Granite is now widely used in modern kitchen counter tops.

“We are about to start cutting and polishing of black granite. We are dealing with basalt rock, used for kitchen tops. Ours is galaxy which is rare to come across of which we are killing two birds with one stone , meaning we are doing both quarry and stone cutting at the same time,” said Makate.

Vuti is well equipped with some of the latest mining and crushing equipment. “We have stone crushers with latest VSI technology which does screening and smoothness of the aggregates to avoid abrasion with heavy haulage on the road,”

“We have four 30 tonne Volvo dampers, two 30 0000 litre water tanker trucks, four CAT frontend loaders, two CAT excavators and one CAT grader,” he said.

Since inception, the company has grown, boasting of 24 employees including operators. ENDS//

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