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Women’s Day: We hear from the women helping to drive Prospect Lithium

Lithium is one of the key sectors of Zimbabwean mining, and women are at the core of it. Here, we hear from some of the women driving Prospect Lithium.

Shylet Dandi CSR Officer

Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe believed in me and gave me a role that I never thought I could manage. Through their mentorship over the past two years, I have discovered the self fulfillment of serving the community in a more sustainable way. Last year, I was honoured with the Top CSR Officer of the Year award during the 2023 ESG Awards. Despite working in a male-dominated environment, PLZ has supported my career growth as a female. Additionally, my time at PLZ has exposed me to the Chinese working culture, which emphasizes productivity, results, and autonomy in the workplace. I am grateful for the opportunities and support I have received at PLZ.

Sophia Badza – HR

I am Sophie Badza, the HR Personnel, and I have been with Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe since 2022. I am continually impressed by the positive attitudes of all the employees at PLZ. They are all phenomenal, displaying a strong sense of company loyalty and genuine job satisfaction. I would like to thank all employees and management at PLZ for their great teamwork. Moving forward together, we will never look back.

Telcar Mungwashu – Safety Health Environment Assistant (SHE)

In the past, the mining industry was known for being rough, remote, and male-dominated. However, as a woman in the 21st century, I have found success in this field. The mining environment now caters to my gender needs, allowing me to thrive in my role as a Safety practitioner. I have worked my way up the ranks and become one of the best in the industry.

Morejoy Ndlovu – Assistant Cook

I have been at PLZ for almost 2 years and I am grateful for the opportunities it has provided for women in a male-dominated environment. During my time here, I have gained a variety of skills, including the ability to cook dishes that blend both cultural influences. I currently work as a chef and supervisor in our department, where I have also learned how to decorate for events. When high-ranking officials from our head office in China visit, I am given the chance to showcase my cooking and decorating skills. Thanks to the experience I have gained at PLZ, I am confident in my ability to successfully open my own restaurant in the future, offering Western, local, and Chinese dishes.

Vivian Savadye – Translator

Being a part of Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe has been a wonderful experience for me as a woman. It has helped me develop skills in handling various situations and gaining new experiences. My role as a translator in the engineering department has allowed me to bridge the communication gap between Zimbabwean and Chinese workers. The company has empowered us as women to embrace challenges and try new things, which has boosted our confidence. We are grateful to Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe for the opportunities they have provided us.

Natasha Mugarisanwa – Translator

My experience at Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe has allowed me to be a part of a diverse and extensive employee network. Through my role, I have been able to enhance my communication and interpersonal abilities on a consistent basis.

Preview P Jongwe

Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe accepted me despite of my gender, race or color and I’m so grateful. I am a woman working at a mining company that is predominantly male, and I initially expected challenges. However, I have felt comfortable and safe in this environment thanks to the company. It has been almost a year and I am thrilled to see that my contributions, particularly in improving communication, are valuable. Prospect Lithium Zimbabwe has embraced me regardless of my gender, race, or color, and I am truly thankful. – (NewZWire)

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