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Electricity supply improves as ZESA completes Hwange Unit 8 maintenance

Energy and Power Development Minister Edgar Moyo said that electricity generation in the country has improved following the completion of maintenance works at Hwange Power Station’s Unit 8 last week.

In an interview, Moyo said Hwange Unit 8 was under maintenance works for a number of weeks and this affected the electricity supply leading to power cuts. He said:

Unit 8 at Hwange Power Station had been off for a while undergoing maintenance works.

It is now back on line and this is why you realise that the electricity supply has improved.

What we also have to understand is that at times we get frequent breakdowns or faults hence it might not be necessarily load-shedding.

Load-shedding occurs when we have a mismatch in the supply of electricity and its demand.

Moyo said the unavailability of Unit 8 forced the Zimbabwe Power Company (ZPC) to increase power generation at Kariba Hydro Power Station. He said:

Our supply is not always constant; it depends on a lot of variables for example at Kariba Power Station we are now reducing productivity due to hydrology issues where water is now very low.

We are trying to stretch power generation up to the end of the year. However, sometimes if one of the units at Hwange Power Station has a problem, we increase generation at Kariba.

On the other hand, if our units at Hwange are giving us good production, we reduce at Kariba to save water. So it’s never a straight line.

As government however, we remain committed to the provision of uninterrupted power supply in order to be able to drive the industrialisation agenda towards an upper-middle-income economy.

From 01 September to 22 September, Kariba Power Station was producing up to 925 megawatts, which was significantly more than what Hwange Power Station was generating.

However, from 23 September, power generation at Hwange improved with last Wednesday’s production going up to 1008 megawatts.

On Monday, 02 October, Hwange was generating 970MW, Kariba was producing 611MW, and Independent Power Producers (IPPs) were generating 21MW to give a total of 1 602MW.


Zimbabwe’s electricity consumption stands at above 1 800 megawatts. – (Pindula)

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