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ZESA Explains Increased Load Shedding

THE Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) says the current increased load shedding is due to depressed generation capacity at its power stations.

According to generation statistics as of Wednesday, the Zimbabwe Power Company was producing 934 megawatts of electricity from its five power stations.

Kariba had the highest output at 751 Megawatts, followed by Hwange at 145 Megawatts while the small thermal stations were producing a combined 38 Megawatts.

In a notice, the ZETDC said the increased load curtailment which began on Monday, would last until Friday this week.

“This is due to depressed generation in the grid coupled by increased electricity demand as a result of increased economic activities,” it said.

The country requires over 2 000 Megawatts per day with regional imports, which require up to US$17 million per month, offsetting the deficit.

These have however not been consistent chiefly due to failure by the power utility to make regular payments to its regional suppliers.

In June this year, Cabinet approved the review of the electricity value chain from production to retail in order to manage the increased demand for power caused by increasing economic activity.

Increased economic activity, especially in the agricultural and mining sectors as well as the manufacturing sector, had spurred increased demand for electricity.

Additionally, ongoing massive housing and other infrastructural development projects were also leading to increased electricity consumption.

To resolve the electricity challenges, several power projects are at various stages of implementation including the expansion of the Hwange power plant by an additional two units, with the first one expected to come online in November this year.

The two units at Hwange will churn out a combined 600 Megawatts.

Zimbabwe is also working with Zambia on the 2 400 Megawatt Batoka Gorge hydro-electric power plant as the country eyes energy self-sufficiency. – (NewZiana)

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  1. This article is nothing new in response to Zesa and their load shedding. I lived in Zimbabwe for the past 7 years with the same rubbish statements from Zesa. The fact of the matter is, since independence the Zanu PF lead government has done absolutely nothing in terms of plant maintenance or management. The current President Mnangagwa has done nothing in past or present to put correct Ministers in a position to resolve a problem that has been ongoing 4 decades of inept operations management and the main issue of corruption, with theft of Zesa funds and fake tenders issued to criminals that has produced no upgrades or maintenance with Zesa. ZIMBABWE suffers from this current President that over the past 40 years have been the main theft of Zimbabwe resources to the tune of over $5 Billion USD in his own pocket. And has groomed his own 3 retarded Sons, Emmerson Jr, Collins, and Sean to continue the depression of Zimbabwe for their own profit. Zesa has just been run by Zanu PF cronies for the benefit of Mnangagwa profit. It is amazing how this shifty leader can live in multi million dollar homes in the country and abroad and sell Zimbabwe resources to the highest foreign bidders and no benefits to its people. This parasite is a mass murder and sellout of his own people. Mugabe tried to do the right thing for the growth of Zimbabwe but was hamstringed by his own party. Mainly Mnangagwa. Zimbabwe has enough natural gas to generate power for the whole of SADC for the next 100 years but does nothing but to find ways for leadership to profit themselves first. Zesa and it power generation issues is just one of the several major problems of state run Enterprises that have been looted by leadership for no advancement. Zimbabwe will never move forward unless the people take their country back from these black Colonial trained devils. I know these cowards and what they continue to do to destroy that once beautiful country. Liberation from Britain Colonial rule. Right in the hands of black Colonial trained sellouts.

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