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Mine seeks to evict ex-workers

FREDA Rebecca Gold Mine is seeking a High Court order to evict six families from company houses after their contracts were terminated.

In the summons before the High Court, it was revealed that some of the families had been employed by the company since 2009.

The affected workers are Misheck Mawema, who was engaged on August 15, 2009, Moses Huragu, Edmore Matambo, Willard Nyambudzi, Progress Musakura and Betty Munyaka. They were all residents of Mountview, in Bindura.

The six are, according to court papers, no longer employed by the mine.

“That defendant would lease the property for domestic use or accommodation only during the period of employment with plaintiff by either party and that the rent payable by the defendant would not be more than 25% of the basic salary,” the summons read.

“The employment relationship and the lease agreement having terminated, the defendant is mandated by law to vacate or to have vacated plaintiff’s property after a period of one month from the date of termination of his employment contract that is by no later than March 31, 2019.”

The mine said as a result of the defendants’ continued occupation of the property; it suffered and continues to suffer holding damages at the rate of US$150 per month.

Despite demand, the families allegedly refused and/or neglected to vacate the property, resulting in costs being incurred.

“The plaintiff has been unduly prejudiced in mounting these proceedings and is, therefore, entitled to costs on a legal practitioner and client scale,” the summons read.

The mine prayed that the defendants should vacate its property within seven days of the date of service of the order, upon which failure to do so, the sheriff would forcibly remove them.

The families are yet to respond. Newsday

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