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ZMF appeals to Mzingwane RDC for a massive reduction in RDC levies

By Business Reporter – Monday 29 March 2021

ZMF NEWS – (Mining Index) – THE Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) has written to Mzingwane Rural District Council (RDC) chief executive officer Ndumiso Mpofu appealing for a reduction of mining levies.

Mzingwane RDC was charging approximately US$14 000 per annum and the ZMF pleaded for a massive reduction of the levies.

“Pursuant to the meeting held with the miners in Mzingwane District and The Council representatives today the 29th of March 2021, we are hereby kindly requesting that you revisit the fees on a downward trend. The following are the proposals;

  1. Small scale mining $250.00
  2. Medium scale-own milling $500.00
  3. Custom Milling $750.00

“The basis of the request is due to the Covid-19 pandemic which has grossly affected the production by the small to medium scale mining sector. Please note that we promise to revert to the initial proposed fee structure in 2022 if the Covid-19 situation normalizes,”

“Once again, thank you very much for this well organized and well-coordinated meeting. We propose that we hold such meetings as and when necessary,’ said Wellington Takavarasha, ZMF CEO.

The RDC levy is paid annually and RDCs across the country have been charging uneven annual levies where each local authority gazettes its own rate.

ZMF said it has always recommended RDCs charge uniform levies throughout the whole country.

A random survey by ZMF secretariat revealed that in July 2020, Bindura RDC was charging ZW$2 200 while Mazowe RDC charged ZW$4 500, way above the Ministry of Mines annual inspection fees for a ten-hectare claim currently pegged at ZW$1000.00, forcing miners across the country to complain bitterly about the levies that they are now required to pay. ENDS//

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