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Invictus makes fresh headway in data protection phase

INVICTUS Energy, the Australian firm that is exploring for oil and gas in north-eastern Zimbabwe, says it has made significant headway in the data processing phase of the project.

The firm said it was expecting final data next month from Canadian firm, Earth Signal Processing (ESP), whose results would be crucial in determining the next phase of development following several years of extensive groundwork.

Invictus is expecting to drill the first of its two test wells later this year, which will be crucial in determining the quality and quantity of oil or gas found in the area.

The firm said it had also reprocessed data gathered by oil giant, Mobil, which explored the oilfields about 30 years ago.

“Data processing of the 2021 Cabora Bassa 2D Seismic Survey (CB21 survey) is progressing on schedule with ESP in Calgary, Canada. Invictus has now received all hydrocarbon post-stack migrations of the CB21 survey data as well as the data from the reprocessing of US$30 million legacy Mobil data set,” Invictus said.

“Concurrent processing of both vintages of data will result in a contractor-consistent and process-consistent data set. This will ensure there are minimal irregularities between the data sets and provide a comprehensive and confident basis for seismic interpretation,” the statement said.

“The quality control of the post-stack migration data has been completed and is already showing significant improvements in the overall seismic data quality. The CB21 survey data has provided evidence of multiple trap geometry configurations which provides a target rich hydrocarbon environment for the upcoming drilling campaign. As well as improved structural clarity of faults, there are multiple anomalies of interest that have been observed across the Muzurabani rospect.” – (Newsday)

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