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Zimplats in 20 years – highlights

By Business Reporter – Thursday 15 October 2020

HARARE (Mining Index) – ZIMBABWE Platinum Mines (Private) Limited (Zimplats) is a significant producer of Platinum Group of Metals (PGMs), exploiting the ore bodies located on the Great Dyke in Zimbabwe.

Zimplats is a subsidiary (87% shareholding) of one of the world’s leading PGMs, the South African based and listed Impala Platinum Holdings Limited (Implats), which contributes approximately 25% of global platinum output.

In the past two decades, Zimplats has gone through tremendous transformation. Below are some of the highlights of achievements made.


  • Achieved Bimha Mine design capacity after re-development.
  • Resolution of mining lease area and mining tenure issues.
  • Attained 8.8 million fatality free shifts.
  • 10% equity stake issued to the Zimplats Employee Share Ownership Trust as part of its Indigenisation implementation plan.
  • Surpassed Phase 2 nameplate capacity (6.2Mtpa) mining and milling production capacity.


  • Bimha Mine partial collapse and redevelopment.
  • Resuscitation of open-pit operations.
  • Phase 2 expansion plant commissioned on schedule.
  • Attained 10 million fatality free shifts.
  • Established the Community Share Ownership Trust and donated US$10 million.

2006 – 2010

  • Zimplats embarked on the US$492 million phase 2 expansion, development of 4th underground mine at Ngezi, to increase production to 6.2Mtpa nameplate capacity.
  • Zimplats released 36% of its ground to the Government of Zimbabwe in return for anticipated cash and empowerment credits.
  • Zimplats embarked on the US$340 million Phase 1 expansion project, increasing mining and concentrator capacity to 4.2Mtpa.


  • Implats increased shareholding to 87% in Zimplats.
  • Zimplats established open-pit mine at Ngezi (2.2Mtpa) with investment from Implats.


  • Zimplats took over BHP Minerals International Exploration Inc’s share of Hartley Mine. ENDS//

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