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Marange community in a self-purging process ahead of a multi-billion dollar diamond project

HARARE – By Business Reporter – Friday 1 May 2020

HARARE (Mining Index) – THE MARANGE community says it is undergoing a self-cleansing process ahead of a multi-billion dollar Chiadzwa community diamond mining project.

The self-purging exercise is meant to weed out corrupt elements who want to utilise the diamond project for self-enrichment, to ensure transparency towards collective benefit to the Marange community.

The Chiadzwa Community Diamond Project is a joint venture (JV) between United Kingdom (UK) investor Vast Resources, state-owned Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) and the community representative, Chiadzwa Mineral Resources (CMR) to explore and mine the Heritage concession in the Marange Diamond Fields in which ZCDC holds mining rights to prospect and mine diamonds in the Concession.

The purging process follows several counts of corruption allegations levelled against CMR chairman Newman Chiadzwa, whom the Marange community is accusing of personalising the diamond project for his own personal gain.

“The magnitude of the project dictates it to be led and run by persons of clean criminal records and noble intentions. I will not stand in the way of my community as it genuinely undergoes the self-purging process. The end result of the process has a collective benefit for the entire community,”

“The self-purging phase being experienced by my community does not in any way jeopardise the community mining venture. If anything, the purging strengthens the project by ensuring that correct persons run the community project perfectly transparently paying homage to the key tenets of social accountability,”

“Through the current process of self-cleaning, my community is checking the blind spot to ensure all is in order so as to facilitate selfless benefit of the community from the project,” said  Chief Muchisi Makungauta Marange.

He said there is need to investigate Newman Chiadzwa and conduct due diligence on him before assigning him to lead such a huge diamond mining project.

Chief Marange said the Marange community does not condone criminal behaviour and ethically unacceptable conduct.

“Should any member of my community trespass into socio-ethically unacceptable zones, they face an effective, decisive and shaming disapproval and censure from my community and they must face and bear the full wrath of their inhuman conduct,” he said.

He said the Marange community is able to defend its ethics; protect the valued interests of our internal and external clients who stand to lose at the hands of unscrupulous conduct from criminal members of my community; and make a public proclamation to the world that the Marange community stands aloof and above all unacceptable behaviour.

He urged the investors, Vast Resources not to interfere in any internal matters of the Marange community until all outstanding issues have been resolved..

“Our investors, Vast Resources P/L should stay divorced from the in-house cleansing process through which the Marange community is exorcising elements which are unfit to lead the parade,”

“Vast Resources should just wait upon the assurance that my community has been satisfied that Vast Resources are, subject to government approval,  the community-chosen investors for this project and as the community; we will not waiver from this position,”

“The current self-purging process is actually to the advantage of our investors who now are going to work with members vetted and approved by the community,” said chief Marange.

Chief Marange assured Vast Resources that his community is in support of Vast Resources and as long the investor sticks to identifying with, and guided by the community, their safety in the community project is guaranteed, subject to approval by government.

“Our investors should be rest assured that the removal of one community member from running this community project does not imply the removal of the community from the project. Neither does it imply the miscarriage of the community project,”

“My community knows that Vast Resources, as a well reputed company that is listed on the London Stock Exchange has a mandatory obligation to explain to its numerous shareholders the current development as well as guarantee the security of the investor’s interests in the project against the backdrop of the on-going community self-cleansing process,” said Chief Marange. ENDS//

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