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Togabless Investment rolls out mining claims to empower Zimbabweans

By Jonathan Mbiriyamveka – Wednesday 22 April 2020

HARARE (Mining Index) – TOGABLESS Investment Founder and Managing Director Blessing Togarepi is upbeat that a US$12 billion mining economy by 2023 is achievable as the company rolls out mining opportunities to empower more Zimbabweans.

Established with the purpose of revitalising the mining sector of Zimbabwe, Togabless has since expanded its services to include amongst others mine pegging and beacon installation, exploration, geophysics, contract mining, construction of mills, the building of elution tanks just to mention a few.

Below, we publish Togarepi’s sentiments:

Zimbabwe is blessed to have a vast consignment of minerals for exploration found along the Great Dyke which is the richest reserve of any minerals in the whole of the Southern African Region.

The sad thing to note is that most of these areas have now been earmarked under the Exclusive Prospecting Order which left most areas under the control of a few individuals. On a positive note, the order has temporarily been put on hold bringing a huge relief to most of the potential miners small scale miners.

Togabless Investment took advantage of that window and managed to acquire claims of its own which have thoroughly been surveyed using the latest geophysics machines giving a geological report of the depth of mineral and type of minerals found in each claim and expected output of gold per tonnage.

This state of the art technology has proved of great value as less production time is lost. We have miners who have purchased such claims, who found worthy of their investment resulting in them striking it huge.

Mining is the only industry we have at the moment which is uplifting and empowering the youth and all small scale miners at large and has contributed a lot to the economy of the country, especially the Gold Sector. This is a very lucrative sector.

With the right connection and reliable information, that is where we at Toga Bless Mining Investment come in by providing you with the right intel and ensuring that your investment will be worthwhile through our highly trained personnel using the state of the art exploration machines.

Zimbabwe is the only country in Southern Africa that has allowed the empowerment of small scale miners to co-exist with large scale miners, something which is unheard in most of the African countries. We should take advantage of this opportunity and venture into the mining sector.

The only sad development is corruption which is now at alarming levels in the Ministry Of Mines office where claims are now hard to acquire for individuals. This did not deter Toga Bless Mining Investment as the company went on an exploration survey resulting in the acquiring of claims, which some of them are earmarked for acquisition by small scale miners and any interested party at a fee since a thorough geophysics survey was made resulting in the value addition of the claims.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let’s take advantage of this open window and venture into the Mining Sector.

Besides offering claims, Togabless offers a wide range of services like mining machinery hire and sale to aid in the mining sector. We have highly qualified personnel trained to operate all mining machinery hired out. We offer training to those who require it.

Machinery such as Hammer Mills used to mill gold ore on-site to maximise output of gold at the expense of transport cost of ore is ideal to areas which have the fine gold deposit.

Boremills is also another machine used to mill gold and performs a similar function as the Hammer Mill. The only difference is that this is more efficient. We are the future of the mining sector and we should take advantage of it in order to move our country forward.

The company also constructs Elution Tanks which is a very crucial stage in the mining process as all material crushed is processed in the Elution Plant through the four main processes:

  1. Floatation: This is a process where the crushed material is placed in an elution tank and water mixed with cyanide is filled inside for a couple of days to allow it to be soaked and release fine gold deposits.
  2. Amalgamation: This is a process where soaked fine gold is accumulated and collected for further processing.
  3. Carbon -in-Pulp: This is a process where the amalgamated fine gold is absorbed by the carbon which will then be taken to the final stage which is the Boiler to be processed to the end product Gold.
  4. Another area small scale miners can embark on is the Chrome Sector which has been monopolized by the Chinese Cartel since most of the ore mined is sold there. They control most of the price of Chrome. In a meeting called by MMCZ sometime late last year players in the field were assured that the government would look in their plights and address all areas concerned, this mineral also contributes a lot to the economy of the country.
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen the list of mining opportunities in Zimbabwe is endless it only needs one to decide and a favourable mining future will be evident let’s not waste this opportunity come to Togabless Mining Investment and we will pave a brighter future for you in the Mining Sector, together we can help the country to achieve its 12 billion mining economy by 2023 l thank you. Contact Blessing on +263775396620. ENDS//

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