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We receive 3 potential investors per week – Rushwaya

By Business Reporter – Monday 2 March 2020

LOCAL NEWS – HARARE (Mining Index) – A NUMBER of investors have expressed interest in investing in Zimbabwe’s mining sector as evidenced by the growing number of potential partners flocking to Zimbabwe Miners Federation (ZMF) in search for possible joint ventures with local mining entrepreneurs.

This came out during an interactive ZMF session with local miners in which the federation has started information gathering towards the creation of a robust national database that covers issues such as investment.

The federations’ president, Henrietta Rushwaya revealed ZMF receives approximately three investors every week seeking to partner with its members.

“ZMF receives an average of three potential investors per week but we don’t know where or whom to link them up with because you are not in our database,” she said.

Henrietta Rushwaya – ZMF president

The federation aims to link local emerging miners with potential investors to promote viability in the mining sector.

“ZMF is working on its database and this platform will help us categorise our stakeholders or service providers and ultimately come up with a directory for our miners,” said Rushwaya.

ZMF CEO Wellington Takavarasha urged miners to approach ZMF for future partnerships with investors.

“Any miner with projects that they think are eligible for joint venture investment opportunities must email their business plans to ZMF,”

“Database will be used for synergies with investors during ZMF investment forums,” he said.

Some of the notable partners identified by ZMF in its mechanisation programs include Golden Earth, a Chinese Company, Chahin Gold Kuyumculuk from Turkey and Pabloz Investments, a mining mechanization in Shurugwi. ENDS// 

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