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Mutopa launches book on Zimbabwean diamonds

By Business Reporter – Thursday 16 January 2020

HARARE (Mining Index) – A ZIMBABWEAN mining industry consultant Ezekiel Mutopa officially launched his new book, Evolution and Future of Zimbabwe Diamonds, wealth for future generations on 8 January 2020 which outlines the journey of kimberlite deposit discoveries in Zimbabwe.

The book consolidates the diamond formulation process and diamond value chain from exploration to remarkable jewellery manufacturing and retailing, bringing out the socio-economic impact of diamond mining and impacts of diamonds on the Zimbabwean economy.

Given his experience and knowledge of the diamond sector, Mutopa decided to commit his extensive expertise to paper in which he provides exhilarating and enthralling insights about the Zimbabwean diamond sector and the opportunities it presents to young learners for future career choices.

Published by Lulu Publishing Company in the United States of America (USA), the 190-paged book outlines steps taken and documentation required by the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development to effectively carry out diamond mining in Zimbabwe.

Mutopa said he was motivated to write Evolution and Future of Zimbabwean Diamonds in order to share information on how the diamond sector can positively contribute to the development of Zimbabwe.

“The impetus of the book arose from the passion to disseminate knowledge about diamonds and impart a greater appreciation in the society at large about diamonds, one of the most valuable naturally occurring minerals and how they vastly contributed to actual and potential growth of the Zimbabwean Economy,”

Turning to the issue of having only four diamond companies mandated to mine diamonds in Zimbabwe, Mutopa said the idea of consolidating the diamond sector was a move to curb corruption and eliminate unwarranted diamond routes which robbed the country of billions of dollars.

“Reducing the diamond companies (to four) allows the government and private stakeholders to critically monitor diamond production and also increases the country’s diamond revenue. Transparency, equitable and good governance is key to a sustainable diamond sector and reducing the diamond companies is a move to promote a sustainable diamond sector,” he said.

Zimbabwe Diamonds is available on, Amazon KDP, Barnes and Noble, iNook and ENDS//


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