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Workers dismissed for demanding protective clothing

HWANGE coal-mining firm South Mining Mutagech has reportedly dismissed 25 employees after they demanded protective equipment.

Confirming the dismissals, Solidarity Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe secretary-general Prince Mpala said the workers were dismissed last week on Thursday.

“South Mining Mutagech (Hwange) dismissed employees after they demanded proper protective equipment/clothing. Twenty-five employees (were) dismissed by a Chinese supervisor while others were reinstated,” Mpala said.

“The Labour Act is very clear, thus section 104(4a). We are taking this matter to the National Employment Council for the mining industry in Bulawayo.”

Mpala said the section highlighted the workers right to resort to collective job action, noting that subject to this Act, all employees, workers committees and trade unions have the right to resort to strike to resolve disputes.

He said it was within the workers’ rights to demand proper clothing at work. Mine human resources manager Kudakwashe Mutunja was not available for comment on the matter.

However, mine supervisor David Wang reportedly told Mpala in a telephone conversation that he should visit the mine to understand what is happening.

He also said the employees were refusing to work so they had to be dismissed.

“Those guys were refusing to work so they must go. You are not here and you do not know what is happening here, you don’t understand what’s going on here,” he told Mpala in an audio recording sent to Southern Eye. – (Southern Eye)


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