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Australia uses coal/alumina to aid the Ukraine

Australia over the weekend took the decision to ban alumina and aluminium ore exports, including bauxite, into Russia, as part of sanctions against the nation following its invasion of the Ukraine.

Trade Minister Dan Tehan said the ban on Australian aluminium ores and alumina would limit Russia’s capaclty to produce aluminium, which is a critical export for the European nation.

Russia relies on Australia for nearly 20% of its alumina needs.

Tehan said that the government would work closely with exporters and peak bodies that will be affected by the ban to find new and expand existing markets.

“This significant step demonstrates the government’s absolute commitment to holding the Putin regime to account for the egregious way in which it is flouting international law and the law of armed conflict by invading its neighbour without justification, and targeting innocent civilians,” Tehan ssaid.

Furthermore, Australia will support Ukraine’s energy security by donating at least 70 000 tof thermal coal. This follows a request for assistance from the government of Ukraine, supported by the government of Poland, and discussions with other European partners.

The assistance will help keep the country’s coal-fired power generators operating and supplying electricity to country’s power grid, supporting the Ukrainian people by keeping lights on, homes heated, and factories running at this very difficult time.

Coal miner Whitehaven Coal has agreed to supply a shipment of thermal coal to support Ukrainian energy security and independence, following discussions with the Australian government.

Whitehaven over the weekend said that the company as proud to be a part of this humanitarian effort and to help deliver the inputs for essential energy and heating in circumstances of extreme and ongoing suffering for the people of Ukraine.

“In a very tight supply market, Whitehaven has been able to commit this important shipment while ensuring contracted customer demand is met. Whitehaven will work closely with the Australian government and one of its key supply chain partners, Trafigura, to ensure the prompt delivery of the cargo,” the company said in a statement.

Additionally, Whitehaven will also contribute A$250 000 to the Australian Red Cross Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

Minister for Resources and Water Keith Pitt thanked Whitehaven for its commitment to assist the Australian government’s humanitarian support to Ukraine in the wake of the brutal Russian invasion.

Whitehaven moved quickly to source 70 000 t of thermal coal that the government will donate to Ukraine.

“This will make a real difference for the people of Ukraine by providing continued energy security, ensuring continued electricity supply to homes and industry. Energy supply will be critical to Ukraine’s ability to sustain its people and to continue to defend itself against appalling Russian aggression.

“At a time of great need, the Ukrainian government sought assistance from Australia and I’m very pleased we’ve been able to provide that support with the help of our resources sector,” Pitt said.

“In a very tight global market where demand for our thermal coal remains very high, Whitehaven has managed to secure the extra supplies without impacting existing contracts to other international partners.

“The company is also working with the government to ensure the coal can be delivered to Ukraine as soon as possible,” Pitt said.

The cost of the coal and its delivery to the destination port will be met by the Australian government. – (Mining Weekly)

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