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Effects of coal seam fires and other environmental hazards in Hwange

By Simiso Mlevu

Research has revealed significant evidence of the deleterious contribution of coal to climate change through combustion.

However, no investigations into life-changing disasters suffered by people in coal mining areas due to underground coal fires have been done.

Raging underground coal fires in and around Hwange town are endangering humans, leaving some with near-death experiences and permanent disabilities.

This report focuses on the adverse effects of underground coal seam fires and other environmental hazards on children in Hwange.

Reference is also made to fire victims outside the children’s category. Some of the victims who are now adults were injured whilst young and had their future ruined by the permanent injuries, lengthy periods spent in hospitals and unending excruciating pain that has become a permanent experience in their lives, largely due to inadequate therapy they received.

The children who fall victim to the coal seam fires suffer a range of physical and psychological effects which include post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). – (cnrg)

Check this link to download the report


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