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Gold Panner Drowns Fleeing From Rival Gang

AN artisanal miner from Kwekwe died recently after he drowned while fleeing from a rival armed gang.

Midlands provincial police spokesperson Emmanuel Mahoko said the rival gangs fought recently at Gravel West Mine in Kwekwe.

The police spokesperson said the now deceased, Henry Mlilo’s gang later fled, but the now deceased returned on a revenge mission, accompanied by a friend, identified as Stephen Chaka.

The two were armed with an axe, spear and a machete.

“However, they were outnumbered by the other group which numbered up to 15 people. The two tried to run away while the rivals kept on assaulting them until Henry Mlilo fell and drowned in Sebakwe River. The body was retrieved by the police during scene attendance. It had injuries all over,” Mahoko said.

No arrests have been made so far and police are appealing to the public for information that can help locate and arrest the suspects.

In another tragedy, a Shurugwi man was murdered after winning a mobile phone during a gambling game.

According to the police, Dingilizwe Dzingai (41) had won a mobile phone while gambling.

“The now suspect Ison Chibaya, owner of the cellphone later followed Dingilizwe at his home to recover his cellphone. However, the two fought and Chibaya struck Dingilizwe with an axe on the head. Dingilizwe was taken to Shurugwi Hospital for treatment. He died on 28 November while on admission,” Mahoko said. (New Zimbabwe)

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