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Zimbabwe Institute of Foundries (ZIF) to host inaugural indaba

By Lucy Tandi

HARARE (Mining Index) –  The ZIMBABWE Institute of Foundries (ZIF) is set to host its first Zimbabwe Metals Casting Indaba on 10 December 2021 in Bulawayo.

The inaugural event will be running under the theme, “Value Addition and Beneficiation of Metals Key”

The Minister of Mines and Mining Development Honourable Winston Chitando is expected to be the Guest of Honour.

“This is an inaugural event of the metals casting industry in Zimbabwe where all players in the value addition and beneficiation of metals, metal foundries, metal casters, smelters, metal experts, government principals, law makers, financers and investors among others gather to unpack the sector’s contribution to Zimbabwe’s economy directly and indirectly,’

The indaba will map the way forward in developing and supporting of the key sector, as enshrined in the National Development Strategy 1 on Value Addition and Beneficiation and also mapping the economy towards the country’s vision 2030,”

“The main purpose of the Indaba is to engage and network with all key strategic sectors of the economy and share the experience of the Zimbabwean metal casting sector in line with country’s vision,” said Dosman Mangisi, Zimbabwe Institute of Foundries (ZIF) Chief Operating Officer (COO).

NDS 1 aims to enhance mineral beneficiation and value addition through creation of value chains to anchor the National reindustrialization policy, SADC protocol in metals industry and the Africa Mining Vision in line with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.

There are 55 operational metal foundries including steel plants and 30 are non-operational due to shortage of scrap metal and unavailability of raw materials for production locally.

The objective of the Indaba is to ease the way of doing business in the metal casting through availability of raw materials.

The indaba also seeks to promote adoption of new technologies in the metal casting industries and enhance the growth of metal exports to grow the country’s economy and give significant strength to the local currency, Zimbabwean dollar. ENDS//

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