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Zimbabwe Institute of Foundries (ZIF) profile

There are 55 operational metal foundries in Zimbabwe including steel plants. 30 non-operational due to shortage of scrap metal and unavailability of raw materials for production locally.

HARARE (Mining Index) – THE Zimbabwe Institute of Foundries (ZIF) is the mother board and voice of all metal castings in Zimbabwe, for the development and growth towards value addition and beneficiation of metals.

The institute seeks to promote skills growth, technology, innovation and development.

Mr. Banga Zimbabwe School of Mines Metallurgy Lecturer, Mr.Dosman Mangisi, Chief Operations Officer, Zimbabwe Institute of Foundries, Mr. Martin January, Head of Mining, Zimbabwe School of Mines, Mr. Prince Gobvu, Managing Director of Meprin Founders, Mr. Ngarivume, Head of Metallurgy, Zimbabwe School of Mines

The ZIF mission is to accelerate growth in new technologies and innovation in the world of metals industry in Zimbabwe to transition to sustainable development.

Its vision adds value in Zimbabwe’s metal sector through value addition, beneficiation and expanding the market in and outside Zimbabwe, while striving to be among one of the lowest-cost metal and producer country in the world.

Metal products manufactured in Foundries and ready for market. Plough wheels, bearings Plummer box, sewer covers.

ZIF aims to create the ease of doing business in the metal casting through availability of raw materials by promoting the growth of metal exports to grow the country’s economy and give significant strength to the local currency and new technologies in the metal casting industries.

Stamp mill spares


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