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Investors shell out US$24 Million Into Argus

YOUNG Zimbabwe businessman Batsirai Joel Matiza has attracted the interest of international investors after spearheading successful acquisitions of Cobalt mining companies based in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Matiza, using off-shore based Argus Group as the special purpose vehicle, has entered into deals which will see him partnering with international companies across the globe.

Investors have shelled out US$24M to Matiza’s Argus. About US$5 million will be paid by year end, while the remainder – about US$20M will be paid in February 2022.

Argus has taken a unique approach by accepting cryptocurrency investment in conjunction with fiat currency, shielding it’s investors from the spotlight.

Sulemain Habib, based in dubai, said the team has been pleased with Argus’s direction to date and looks forward to being welcomed to Zimbabwe in January 2022 by Matiza.

“We are happy to be working with him. He is young but very aggressive. That is what we need, especially in these unpredictable markets. Unfortunately I am not in a position to disclose the finer details as these are private investments and Mr. Matiza is now politically exposed.”

Batsirai who is the son of former Transport minister Biggie Matiza, has a strong finance background and network.

Matiza worked for Goldman Sachs in New York, the largest investment bank in the world, covering tech, media, and telecommunications companies in their prestigious Investment Banking Division.

A source that asked not to be named indicated that a majority of his international connections originate from his time at banking behemoth Goldman Sachs and stint at Blackstone Group, the world’s largest Private Equity firm.

“It is also known that Matiza has also received investment support from associates of the Kingdom Holding Company, a family investment group controlled by Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal.” he added.

In 2017, Forbes listed the prince as the 7th richest man in the world.

Efforts to reach Matiza via phone and email were fruitless. NewZimbabwe

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