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Outcry over 24% mining wage increase

MINE workers’ unions have complained about the recent 24% wage increase awarded to the sector saying it is insignificant and has been eroded by

The increase, effective from July 1, 2021, came after collective bargaining by the Associated Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe (AMWUZ) and the Chamber of Mines Zimbabwe.

It will result in a new minimum wage for mine workers, which will see salaries being paid in both United States dollars and local currency.

However, some mine workers’ unions like the Solidarity Mine Workers Union of Zimbabwe (SOMWUZ) said the increment did not take into account their input.

SOMWUZ secretary-general Prince Mpala said since independence, AMWUZ has been the only trade union included in mine workers’ wage negotiations.

“AMWUZ now is taking advantage of miners. We hope the new Mines Amendment Bill will provide for and accommodate mine workers to partake in National Employment Council bargaining in 2022,” Mpala said.

“The problem happening at the NEC is that they are taking long, from June up to September, to bargain for only one quarter. They now tell us that there will be a 24% increase for the period July to December which becomes an unfair labour practice. The collective bargaining statutory instrument is also now outdated. We have SI 152 of 1990, which was crafted three decades ago and needs revamping,” he said. Mpala said upon retirement, a lot of mine workers go home empty-handed and were not able to support their families. Newsday

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