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Police probe Matobo Chinese miner for worker assault

POLICE are investigating Matobo-based Chinese miner He Chisheng Mike of Yakuts Investment, who is accused of strangling an employee before dismissing him from work.

Matabeleland South police spokesperson Inspector Loveness Mangena confirmed the developments.

“The case of Charles Muswaka was reported and I have the case number and investigations are currently ongoing.

“If there are other workers, who were assaulted or beaten, l also urge them to report to the police,” Mangena said.

“Some of the complaints that were reported to Matopo Police have to do with working conditions and those are under the Labour ministry. We urge the workers to report to the ministry,” she said.

Mine manager Patrick Muleya disputed claims that Muswaka’s contract was terminated, but refused to comment on the allegations of assault.

“His contract was not terminated, but it expired and was not renewed. He had a three-month contract which was supposed to expire in September. We paid him his full amount for both August and September,” Muleya said.

“I cannot comment on the issue of him being choked by Mike, those are their personal issues.

“We pay our workers in both the Zimbabwean dollar and the United States dollar.

“So when he left, we gave him his US dollar salary and today (yesterday) I am sending his Zimbabwean dollar salary.”

National Union of Mine, Quarrying, Iron and Steel Workers of Zimbabwe (NUMQISWZ) legal and education training officer Shadreck Pelewelo said Muswaka should be compensated.

“He should be paid damages also and not only terminal benefits. What they did was wrong and what they are doing is wrong,” Pelewelo said.

“What is special about Mike? We do not want such criminals in the mining sector.” Newsday

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