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Govt rolls out computerised mining cadastre system

Government is set to roll out  mining cadastre system to  computerise the country’s register of mining  rights and titles in the fourth quarter of this year following the completion of a pilot project in Manicaland Province.

The computer-based cadastre system is expected to  enhance transparency  and accountability in the administration of mining titles.

The cadastre system will have all records of interest in the land such as licence holders’ rights,  restrictions and government activities.

The computerised mining register is also expected to be the central database  for storage of information  on applications and licences.

It is also expected to reduce  processing time for issuance of  mining titles and other mining services in line with best practices across the globe.

Currently,  mining licence separations  are marked on the ground by metal stakes, concrete beacons or some other fixed points  surveyed using conventional methods such as theodolite or archaic methods  involving tape and chains.

Finance and Economic Development minister Mthuli Ncube said Zimbabwe will migrate to a digital mining cadastre system from the current manual system in the fourth quarter of this year, which is expected to unlock   the potential of the country’s  mineral resources.

It will also help curb corruption  in the allocation of mining claims.

Due to the outdated and unreliable manual database, there has been widespread disputes over  multiple mining  ownership and claim boundaries.

“The implementation of the computerised mining cadastre system is well in progress, with the government having procured both hardware and software for the system.

“A pilot project has since been completed in Manicaland with a view to roll it out to the rest of the country during the fourth quarter of 2021,” Ncube said.

Ncube said determination of the country’s mineral reserves was important in attracting investment and management of the mineral extraction process in order to balance the needs of the present and future generations, given the finite nature of minerals.

He said mineral exploration will be prioritised during 2022 in order to discover new mineral resources and to facilitate the quantification of available resources available in the country, as well as derive maximum benefits from mining activities.

Ncube added that the government has since reacted to challenges faced by gold miners.

Gold deliveries to Fidelity Printers and Refiners were subdued in 2020 owing to smuggling. But, the situation has improved this year due to incentives introduced by the government.

“Government has since responded by implementing various interventions including introducing incentives,” Ncube said.

He said the interventions have begun to bear fruits as deliveries to Fidelity Printers have increased. BusinessTimes

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