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Man dies in 50-metre deep mine shaft

AN Esigodini mine worker died after he fell into a 50-metre-deep mine shaft.

Matabeleland South acting provincial police spokesperson, Assistant Inspector Thabani Mkhwananzi confirmed the incident.

The incident occurred on Sunday at around 8AM at Ring State Mine. Asst Insp Mkhwananzi said Reason Dube (30) from Gokwe attempted to descend into the shaft when he slipped and fell.

“I can confirm that we recorded a mine accident which occurred at Ring State Mine in Esigodini. Reason Dube and his colleagues were working in various shafts collecting samples of gold.

“Dube attempted to descend into one of the shafts when he slipped and fell. His workmates were alerted by screams from Dube as he fell down the shaft,” he said.

“They went down the shaft but he was already dead. The matter was reported to the police who attended the scene and Dube’s body was ferried to Esigodini District Hospital Mortuary.”

Asst Insp Mkhwananzi urged mine owners to ensure that their workers operate in safe environments in order to avoid loss of life. He said workers were also supposed to operate with protective clothing.

Asst Insp Mkhwananzi said Matabeleland South province continues to record fatal mine accidents and most are attributed to unsafe working conditions such as workers operating without protective clothing or proper mining equipment.

He said most of the mine accidents were as a result of illegal operations. Asst Insp Mkhwananzi urged those intending to venture into mining to first acquire the necessary paper work and regularise their operations.

He said people must also desist from operating from abandoned mines as they were a death trap.

Matabeleland South Province is largely a mining area and people from various provinces flock into the area in search for gold. Chronicle

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