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Success story of a Penhalonga gold miner – Susan Chimbunde-Dumbura

By Business Reporter – Tuesday 9 March 2021

WOMEN’S MONTHPROFILES – (Mining Index) – SHE is a small scale successful gold miner in Penhalonga, Manicaland province who has, since 2004 when she started mining, invested a substantial amount of money in her mining business. Her name is Susan Chimbunde-Dumbura.

A tunnel at Susan Dumbura’s mine

According to Dumbura, patience is a recipe for good rewards in mining. As many would say, it is a virtue, the ability to wait for rewards without getting angry or upset is a valuable quality in any business person. It was until 2008, when her first samples started to reap better rewards, her samples getting better with age like fine wine.

Let us hear her recite mining story.

I have acquired four blocks, two in Odzi and two more in Penhalonga.

I am also doing custom milling, using a 3-stamp mill, a 20-beater hammer mill and a 3-ton ball mill.

l am honoured to be one of the few small scale miners in Manicaland using a ball mill, similar to that of Redwing mine.

In 2011, l had a dream of a stream underground full of all sizes of mining equipment. The following day we visited the place that had appeared in my dream. We took samples from there. That became my breaking point.

I managed to raise money to hire machinery, and from that moment, two months later, l raised money to buy my own 22PC excavator from Komatsu in South Africa.

Some of the mine workers at Susan Dumbura’s mine

In 2012, I   bought land from the Ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement for the purposes of establishing a milling center. I got approval and from 2013 till now, I have been enjoying mining.

Sadly, my husband passed on in 2019. I then registered for custom milling.

What l want to say to women looking at venturing into mining is that it is not an easy path, it needs patience. Women must not fear, shy or be prideful and fail to seek for guidance and ideas from experienced professionals because you may let go a fruitful venture.

Mining only needs patience and to understand what one needs to achieve.

I would like to advise woman to ‘trust yourself’ and to trust God who gave us the opportunity to venture into mining.


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