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Zanu PF councillor booted off gold mine

Using his political muscle, the councillor had allegedly hired thugs to grab the mine from Twin Castle Resources last year, forcing the company to approach the Mines ministry for redress.GOVERNMENT has ordered a Zanu PF councillor in Mutare North constituency, Luckson Mawangato vacate a gold mine in Odzi that he had grabbed from Twin Castle Resources.

But Manicaland provincial mining director Omen Dube, in a letter dated February 15, 2021, said an error was made in giving Paari Syndicate Investments owned by Mawanga a mining certificate.

Mawanga was told to appeal to the Mines ministry within 30 days.

“Following a complaint of over-pegging of mining locations raised by Twin Castle, the two parties Twin Castle and Paari Mining were requested to submit their written submissions pertaining to the allegations as raised, to which both parties as duly represented by their respective lawyers duly complied,” the determination letter read.

“A ground inspection survey was subsequently carried out on February 3, 2021 with both parties present and represented by their respective lawyers.”

Dube said it was observed that Twin Castle’s application was lodged on February 7 2019 and certificate for registration number M5122BM was issued in September 2019.

“Twin Castle applications for registrations for gold were lodged on February 5, 2019 and both certificates for registrations were still pending, no standard or permanent beacons were observed as they had been vandalised by Paari Mining Syndicate when they were displaced. Notwithstanding the reason for failure to maintain permanent beacons by Twin Castle (Pvt) Limited such failure is governed by section 375 (1) of the Mines and Minerals Act,” read the letter.

“Paari Mining Syndicate applications for registrations were lodged on May 24 and certificates for registration issued on January 20, 2020, Paari Mining Syndicate standard permanent beacons were observed on the ground,” Dube’s letter read in part.

“When Paari Mining Syndicate pegged and lodged their applications for registration, the area was no longer open to pegging and prospecting according to section 31 of the Mines and Minerals Act (21:05) the area have been pegged by Twin Castle M5122BM, prospecting licensing numbers.”

He added: “In terms of section 177(3) of the Mines and Minerals Act (Chapter 21:05), Twin Castle Resources Private Limited (M5122BM), prospecting license, numbers 019994AA and 019995AA.

“In view of the above, this office intends to effect cancellation of certificates of registration G5383 , G5384, G5386, G5387 belonging to Paari Mining Syndicate within 30 days in terms of section 50 of the Mines and Minerals Act Chapter (21:05).

“However, you may appeal against such cancellation to the Mines and Mining Development minister within 30 days in terms of section 50(2) of the Mines and Minerals Act.”

Dube’s mobile phone went unanswered when sought for comment. Newsday

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