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Corruption in mining sector: Several officials implicated

SEVERAL officials in the mines and mining development sector including some in the Parliamentary Portfolio Committee have been implicated in corruption involving claims and mines.

Chairman of the Portfolio Committee on Mines and Mining Development, Mr Edmond Mkaratigwa, confirmed the development saying complaints over the matter have been tabled before his team.

“We have received complaints in our committee. We called the implicated as well as the ministry officials for oral evidence sessions, which in some instances shamed the perpetrators and sometimes in camera where we felt the matters were not that big,” he said.

Mr Mkaratigwa said the oral evidence sessions were done to ensure accountability and transparency in the sector, where some players stand accused of fanning corruption and inefficiency.

He, however, could not be drawn to disclose more details of the nature of cases involved and the names of alleged perpetrators.

The committee, he said, also conducted inquiries and tabled reports with appropriate recommendations in the National Assembly, to ensure implementers took note of claims that had been made.

“Off the cuff it may be difficult for me to state (the number and names of officials implicated) because some of those charged may not be so direct but as a result of the committee expositions, registration of disappointment and pressure, it is more of the impacts sometimes than the output,” said Mr Mkaratigwa.

He said the Mines and Mining Development Committee is focusing on the legislation of the sector, which is informed by the Mines and Minerals Amendment Bill.

The Bill is still being fine-tuned after it was returned by President Mnangagwa for further amplification.

“In that regard we are now awaiting the final Draft Bill from the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development in conjunction with the Attorney General. We were supposed to have the all stakeholders conference in December and we anticipate the event to take place early this year. The budget for that is in place,” said Mr Mkaratigwa.

He said they have also created an adhoc committee that superintendents the Draft Bill process instead of just waiting for the Ministry and Attorney General’s drafters.

“Hence we became part of it through delegating the task to the adhoc committee. The Committee also conducted inquiries and tabled reports with appropriate recommendations in the National Assembly, to ensure implementers took note and on that one, we make constant follow-ups,” said Mr Mkaratigwa. Chronicle

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