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RBZ still owe RioZim a significant amount for gold deliveries

By Business Reporter – Monday 5 October 2020

HARARE (Mining Index) – RIOZIM has announced it is still owed a substantial amount of money for gold delivered to Fidelity Printers and Refiners (FPR), albeit inconsistently, receiving intermittent payments from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ).

The sporadic payments from the apex bank have however, enabled RioZim to source adequate raw materials to produce bullion and deliver it to Fidelity.

In June this year, RioZim announced it was owed a generous USD 2,460,472 and ZWL 65,477,982 by the RBZ for gold deliveries.

Furthermore, in August this year, the mining giant advised it had received an ‘insignificant’ part payment it is owed by the central bank.

RioZim says the delays being experienced by the company in receiving its Nostro payments for gold deliveries from RBZ resulted in stock outs of key raw materials to produce gold bullion.

“The delays have persisted subsequent to the period end and the Company is still owed a substantial amount. The Company however, has been receiving intermittent payments from the RBZ, which has enabled the Company to produce and deliver bullion, albeit inconsistently, to the extent to which the Company has adequate raw materials to produce gold bullion,” said S R Beebeejaun, RioZimb chairman while presenting the company’s half year financial results FY2020 ended June.

In June this year, RioZim halted gold production owing to limited foreign currency retention which fell short of its operational and capital expenditure requirements.

“Engagements with the RBZ are continuing and the Company looks forward to its payments being regularised to enable the Group to produce gold bullion consistently without stock outs of raw materials,” said Beebeejaun. ENDS//

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  1. RBZ will continue cheat and steal from all gold miners. It is their history to do all the can to use miners as slave labor and abuse them and not pay them on delivery as Fidelity gets paid from Rand on time of their gold being purchased. RBZ Governor and government are dogs and thieves. And they have no other alternatives but to rape the country because no international banking institutions will ever lend to a country that has proven its word and credit are shit.

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