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Togabless Mining Investment empowers Women Miners

By Jonathan Mbiriyamveka – Sunday 19 July 2020

LOCAL – HARARE (Mining Index) – TOGABLESS Mining Investment has thrown its weight behind women miners in Mashonaland Central province following a request by Women Affairs, Community and Small and Medium Enterprises Development Ministry through provision of much needed expertise to the sector.

The services rendered by Togabless Investment include mine pegging and beacon installation, exploration, geophysics, contract mining, construction of mills as well as building of elution tanks.

In a letter to Togabless Mining Investment, the ministry’s Mashonaland Central provincial development officer Judith Hove requested support to enhance women in mining activities in the province.

“The above ministry encouraged women to peg mines, but after pegging fail to be productive as they do not have equipment to use. As a result most of the mines do forfeit. Some have resorted to artisanal mining.

“May you kindly assist the women miners. Others need gold buying licenses but cannot afford the charges. Women do not have capital for the initial requirements for mining. Suggestion; if assistance would be given then payment for any services rendered would be collected when mining takes place on the women mines,” Hove said.

Togabless Investment founder and managing director Blessing Togarepi said mining was the only industry which could uplift and empower women and the youth.

“With the right connection and reliable information, that is where we at Togabless Mining Investment come in by providing the right intel and ensuring that investment in mining will be worthwhile through our highly trained personnel using the state of the art exploration machines,” Togarepi said.

Zimbabwe is the only country in Southern Africa that has allowed the empowerment of small scale miners to co-exist with large scale miners, something which is unheard in most of the African countries.

Besides offering claims, Togabless Mining Investment offers a wide range of services like mining machinery hire and sale to aid in the mining sector.

They have highly qualified personnel trained to operate all mining machinery hired out and offer training to those who require it as well as machinery such as Hammer Mills used to mill gold ore on-site to maximise output of gold at the expense of transport cost of ore is ideal to areas which have the fine gold deposit.

The company also constructs Elution Tanks which is a very crucial stage in the mining process as all material crushed is processed in the Elution Plant through the four main processes.

Contact Blessing on +263775396620. ENDS//

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