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Zimbabwean miners call for stiffer penalty for Chinese shooter

By Business Reporter – Monday 22 June 2020

HARARE (Mining Index) – MINERS across the country have responded with rage to the recent shooting of two Zimbabwean nationals by a Chinese miner at Reeden Mine in Gweru following a wage dispute.

Zhang Xueun, 41 shot Wendy Chikwaira (31) and Kennedy Tachiona (39) after the duo demanded their outstanding salaries. Xueun was arrested on Sunday.

Below are various sentiments from miners in Zimbabwe;-

“Why are we not speaking out against this heinous act? Why are we not calling out such a deplorable inhuman callous act that needs to be condemned and denounced with the contempt it deserves? This is CRIMINAL, ATTEMPTED COLD-BLOODED MURDER WHICH IS TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE AND THE CULPRIT SHOULD BE ARRESTED, TRIED AND justice should Prevail! It is high time the Respect for Human Rights, Zimbabwe’s Labour Law and Good Corporate Citizenship became a PREREQUISITE for investor approval as well as maintenance of licences to operate! This should not only be treated as a criminal and civil matter but the investor licence, permit to reside and operate in Zimbabwe should be reviewed! If any foreign entity should operate in Zimbabwe it has to respect US and our RIGHTS! WE CAN NOT BE TREATED AS SECOND CLASS CITIZENS IN OUR OWN COUNTRY! They might not respect human rights in their own country but WHEN THEY ARE IN ZIMBABWE, THEY HAVE TO ABIDE BY THE LAW! THEY HAVE TO RESPECT EMPLOYEES, THEIR RIGHTS AND ENSURE THEIR WORKING CONDITIONS ARE DECENT AND HEALTHY! THEY SHOULD PAY EMPLOYEES THEIR FULL SALARIES ON TIME! WHEN THEY ARE IN ZIMBABWE THEY SHOULD ABIDE BY THE LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY!!!”

‘If we could fight the white man during colonial time, why not the Chinese now? The Chinese are disregarding humanity. This is a test to our judicial system. This Chinese miner must face the full wrath of the law.’

“This must stop! No immunity or parole. A long jail term must be imposed!”

‘The immediate and most prudent outcome is deportation and National Employment Council (NEC) and National Social Security Association (NSSA) to enforce the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) of the mining industry to these companies. Besides, they are trading in USD, they must pay USD based salaries.’

“This is serious issue which must be rebuked with the contempt it deserves.”

‘We all want him to be jailed here in Zimbabwe. But due to corruption, let us leave room for disappointment.’

“In some instances a transfer of jail term is allowed. That’s why there is Interpol.”

‘This Chinese must be deported after serving his jail sentence here in Zimbabwe. We have Zimbabweans who are currently in Chinese jails. They were not deported to serve their jail term in Zimbabwe. Why should this Chinese be allowed to go back to his country and be jailed there? Who will know if he has served full sentence?’

“The problem in Zimbabwe goes back to corruption because most of the Chinese folks have political backing especially with people from the high office. This is unfortunate and true. They literally get away with everything”.

‘This Chinese must forfeit the mine. He does not deserve it.’

“Working conditions and treatment of employee for all foreign owned operations should be audited! Abuse and violations of employees, their rights, delayed or non-payment of salaries should accrue interest and be addressed immediately! Non-compliance with the law should have an impact on the status of foreign owned entities licences to operate! They should be reviewed! Abuse of employees’ rights by foreigners is intolerable and should attract stringent penalties, including cancellation of licences permits and deportation!”

‘This is a new breed of Mashurugwi gangs, armed with guns and being foreigners’.

“The reality of the Chinese economic development blue print is to colonize Africa and loot its resources. What you are seeing is a tip of the iceberg. They have planned on capturing all African governments which they have achieved already. They are looting mineral resources from Africa. We as Africans are hooked on buying their cheap products so to them we are like their subjects or slaves, the reason why this shooting behaviour is coming from. Africa we must arise and fight for ourselves in the form of proper legislation in protecting our resources and our people. Governments must especially work on giving and adding value to its people or else there is a second wave of slavery on the horizon. This form of slavery is no longer physical, but mental and financial.”

‘With the new Exclusive Prospecting Orders (EPOs) it will only get worse.  We must give the first right of refusal to our local miners, and only need foreigners when huge capital expenditure is needed. As for the Chinese we should only import their equipment and leave their humans in China.’ ENDS//

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