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Former Marange Resources executive tipped to take over as ZCDC CEO, but …

By Business Reporter – Wednesday 10 June 2020

HARARE – A DIAMOND specialist and former Marange Resources executive was last year tipped to take over the reins of power, and assume leadership for the Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC).

A preeminent figure in the Zimbabwean diamond industry, the mining executive was expected to steer ZCDC, taking over from Robert de Pretto, who is currently acting CEO following the ouster of Morris Bekezela Mpofu in May 2019.

Sources say the diamond expert, who is also an engineer by profession is not keen on taking up the position in the state-owned enterprise as he is wants to consolidate his resume in his current position in a London Stock Exchange entity he is working for.

“He (name withheld) does not want this to be known and also for his current employer to know because he wants to secure his current job,”

“He was nominated by the President in November last year and I was there,”

“De Pretto was supposed to be replaced by him,”

“He doesn’t want to go to ZCDC because he fears to lose his current job,” revealed a source.

ZCDC has been facing operational challenges, with recent media reports indicating ZCDC has gone for three months without paying salaries to its workers. ENDS//

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