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Two ‘original’ Deeds exist for the Chiadzwa Community Development Trust (CCDT)

By Investigative Reporter – Wednesday 3 June 2020

FEATURES (Mining Index) – INVESTIGATIONS done by this publication reveal the existence of two separate Notarial Deeds of Trust for the Chiadzwa Community Development Trust (CCDT).

This publication is in possession of copies of the two documents, both deemed ‘original’ Deeds, dated 8th May 2009, allegedly notarised by George Gapu, a legal practitioner and Notary public by law.

One Deed has Shuah Mudiwa, Newman Chiadzwa and Malvern Mudiwa as both founders and trustees while Benny Matambudze, Tichafa Kusena, Rubby Muchenga, Nyamadzawo Mutunhu, Phillimon Taerengera Chiadzwa, Edna Kusena, Jemusaita Tasweranadzawo, Batsirai Betera, John Gohwa, Blessing Mufute, Peter Mwaamba, Lovemore Mukwada and Fungai Basopo are Trustees.

Another copy of the Deed shows Newman Chiadzwa as the only founder, but omits Shuah Mudiwa and Malvern Mudiwa  as both founders and trustees. The rest of the Trustees remain unchanged.

For years, the Marange community has been battling to get clarity on the authenticity of the two Deeds, blaming Chiadzwa Mineral Resources (CMR) chairman Newman Chiadzwa for coming up with his own version of the CCDT Deed, which has been in use.

“The CMR chairman sent forged documents to Vast Resources and other stakeholders in the project. Gapu, the lawyer must respond because he is the one who should clarify the right document for use,” said one CCDT Trustee member.

The Chiadzwa community is eagerly waiting finalisation of the Katanga joint venture which will see the Marange community mining diamonds in the Chiadzwa Diamond Fields.

The CCDT Deed of Trust is one of the documents required to conduct due diligence during the vetting process in the diamond joint venture.

The Deed of Trust with one founder has been used for most of the submissions made to the United Kingdom based investor, Vast Resources Enterprises (VRE) as well as government for the Chiadzwa Community Diamond Project.

The Chiadzwa diamond project is a joint venture between Vast Resources, state-owned Zimbabwe Consolidated Diamond Company (ZCDC) and the community representative, Chiadzwa Mineral Resources (CMR) to explore and mine the Heritage concession in the Marange Diamond Fields in which ZCDC holds mining rights to prospect and mine diamonds in the Concession.

In recent weeks, a gentleman contacted Mining Index arguing he is the original founder of CCDT and also signatory of the CCDT bank account resident with a local financial institution.

“My name is Shuah Mudiwa the founder of Chiadzwa Community Development Trust (CCDT) and we have read an article involving Newman Chiadzwa and VAST purporting to have given Chiadzwa Community US$20 000,”

“The CCDT official account number with Standard Chartered Bank is (account number withheld) and I am one of the signatories but we never received the said amount. Myself and other Trustees disassociate ourselves from these transactions and we urge an investigation into this matter by the law enforcement agencies,”

“The presence of another bank account not known by other Trustees makes it an unofficial account. As indicated no one including other founding members and Trustees are not aware of this FBC account being used by Newman Chiadzwa. This is fradulent!” said Mudiwa.

Mudiwa said Gladys Mavusa and Lovemore Mukwada are the other two signatories to the CCDT Standard Chartered bank account.

Contacted for comment, George Gapu, the lawyer whose signature is on both Deeds confirmed to this publication that the Deed incorporating Shuah Mudiwa, Newman Chiadzwa and Malvern Mudiwa as founders is the authentic document. “The one with three founding members is the correct one.”

Asked to comment on the second copy of the Deed, he said, “I have no idea.”

“I don’t know. It means someone tampered with the original copy,” he said. ENDS//

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